ILD Leak Detection

International Leak Detection (ILD) provides integrity testing for waterproofing membranes.  ILD's electric field vector mapping (EFVM) technology locates breaches in new or existing waterproofing membranes with pinpiont accuracy.

EFVM is a low voltage test method that crates an electrical potential differene between a non-conductive membrane surface and conductive structural deck or substrate, which is earthed or grounded.  By applying water on the membrane surface and utilising the water as a conductive medium, an electric field is created and a breach in the membrane creates a vector which can be measured.

Traditionally flood testing was used to find leak locations.  This only allows detection of leaks in areas capable of holding water.  As well as it is limited to the human perception of water leaks, in amounts visually observable within a given time period.

EFVM technology requires as little as a spray of water and can be used on flat, sloped and vertical surfaces. Any breach allowing even minute amounts of water will conduct electrictiy to complete a circuit, creating a 'vector' of current flow measureable by us.

EFVM can be utilised in the following areas Garden Roofs, Roofs with Ballast, Roofs with Paving Stones, Exposed Membrane Roofs, Non-insulated and Insulated Roof Systems, Inverted Roof Systems, Parking Garages/Parking Decks , Ponds/water container liners and Swimming Pools.

Advantages of the EFVM testing system

  • Exact pinpointing of membrane breaches
  • Non-destructive to the membrane
  • Can be performed on sloped structural decks
  • Membrane defects can be repaired and retested without delay to the construction schedule
  • Limited use of water required for the EFVM® test
  • Eliminates unnecessary removal of the overburden to locate a membrane breach
  • Membrane performance can be monitored during its lifespan through the overburden