Bentoseal is a trowel grade sodium bentonite/ butyl-rubber compound designed for a variety of surface preparation and waterproof detailing work with the Volclay Waterproofing System.  Because Bentoseal contains bentonite, it swells upon contact with water to seal against water intrusion.  Bentoseal has the consistency of thick grease and easily applies and bonds to most substrate materials.

Bentoseal is a below-grade waterproofing accessory product designed for use on structural concrete, masonry, wood and most metal surfaces.

Examples of application are

  • Fillet material at horizontal and vertical inside corners
  • Flashing material around drains, mechanical and electrical penetrations, along with various grey areas/details and difficult applications
  • Sealing material at waterproofing terminations
  • Repair material for small concrete substrate surface defects prior to waterproofing membrane installation
  • Trowel-grade waterproofing for extremely irregular substrate surfaces
  • Angle Fillet behind wall applications