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Volclay Swelltite

Volclay Swelltite is a sheet membrane product (made up of 5% Butyl Rubber and 95% Sodium Bentonite mix applied to a geomembrane). It is used predominantly on block walls, pre-cast panels, garden planter boxes and plaza decks. The product has a heavy-duty backing, meaning there is often no need to use a protection board if you use 25/7 scoria. Volclay Swelltite can be nailed or glued to a block wall and precast and then immediately back-filled with 25/7 scoria and compacted at 200mm layers. Volclay Swelltite can be applied to green concrete, which gives the advantage of not having to wait for the concrete to cure, this is an advantage especially for split slab construction where time is of essence.

Volclay Advantages