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Cetcoat is a two-part polymer waterproofing coating. On application the two-part mix of Cetcoat chemically reacts to create a penetrating crystalline growth within the concrete, thus blocking the porosity of the concrete. It can be applied to normal-quality concrete, poor-quality concrete, and masonry surfaces.
Our most common reason for the application of Cetcoat is to proof the gap between the Volclay underground products which is the finishing ground line, and up underneath the bottom of plaster or timber cladding. It is also used on concrete walls before stairs are formed to go up the outside of the building and around concrete doorways and windows prior to installation. Other typical applications include low-grade foundations and existing leaking retaining walls, water and sewage treatment tanks, manholes, tunnels and reservoirs.
When applied, being cement-based, Cetcoat has a textured finish similar to concrete. The product is non-toxic and can resist chemical attack. It is not designed as a wearing surface – if it is to be subjected to traffic, a protective topcoat must be applied. For tanks, 7 days must be allowed before filling.